"Your voice, We Deliver"

Callool (https://callool.com) is an online voice delivery service, initially used for delivering personalized wake-up voice for family members and friends.

At Callool,we believe your voice matters,and Callool delivers it, to rise for a perfect day.

Callool is inspired by a wake-up call from my friend and It totally changes my life.

Here is the story.

My friend and I planned to have a casual meetup on an early Saturday morning. At around 5:00 am after I showed no response to his reminder messages by all kinds of Apps, this guy made a direct call to me.

Actually, I had some trouble getting out of bed. I really didn't want to get up at all at that very moment when the phone rang. Then, I made a decision in my mind before I picked up the phone:"No, I won't get up and hang out, I won't leave my bed."

To my surprise, the familiar voice on the wire seemed to be a magic spell and helped me change my mind. For me, the voice was so powerful that it definitely would make me regret my decision. As a result,I got up and went out. It turned out the meetup was so wonderful, full of excitements and I really had a lot of fun and new experiences during that day.

At the end of that day, I started to re-think about "how voice affects our lives".

What about asking yourself a question first:" who know you best?"The answer is yourself. Believe it or not, It is yourself, who knows what really matters to you. It is ourselves, who finally make all kinds of decisions that shape our lives.And the voices, especially familiar voices, are exactly the best media that could deeply touch our heart and affect when making decisions.

In the meantime, I tried to find a service that can wake me up, inspire me with familiar voices to start my day. I didn't find one that fulfilled my demands. Instead, I found that there did have plenty of Apps that offered wake up alarm services, some of them are "famous" for being the "most annoying alarm", "loud enough, so sleep if u can", while others are "featured" of forcing me to do a math calculation or solve a puzzle.I even found them in the newspaper, "New ‘FreakyAlarm’ won’t shut off until complicated math equations are solved",and got tons of downloads.

What the hell is wrong with us?

Is this you really want to do, at the beginning of every Morning, by forcing yourself do something to avoid punishment or embarrassment to start your day?

Life is a fighting and sometimes it is really hard enough. How can you treat yourself so rude at the start point of your day, and made life even harder?

For me, I felt humiliated and really don't want to ruin my day in this way.

So, I designed a program ran on my laptop to deliver the voices to myself to wake me up with inspirations. and I still remembered that moment when I picked up the phone, listened to the another me in the world talked to myself:"life is short, get up and have fun." the voice was full of magic and the experience was totally unforgettable.

The even better thing is: I get up at the very beginning of every day, with full of passion.

Realizing my life was totally changed and It is really a positive way to help people become better, I decided to bring it to a real product.

Yes,this is Callool.

And I want you in,now!

Write to me and share your stories: jimmy@callool.com