Try Callool Free for 7 Days W/ 7 Deliveries.

Start your trial today. You can upgrade to paid plans or cancel at any time.

The Basics


per month,paid by monthly
  • 30 Deliveries
  • 7 Voice Storages
  • <60 Seconds per Voice
  • and Delivery Report

USA,Canada Coverage



per month,paid by monthly
  • 100 Deliveries
  • 50 Voice Storages
  • <240 Seconds per Voice
  • and Delivery Report

USA,Canada Coverage

*No Credit Card Needed In Trial Period.

Common Questions

What is included in my free trial account?

All new users start with a 7 days trial,including 2 voice storages and 7 deliveries.You can upgrade your plan at any time by visiting the plan" page from your dashboard. After your free trial ends, we will ask your to upgrade to a paid plan.

What do i buy if i subscribe a plan?

You paid for a certain amount of delivery credits and a storage space for a certain period, usually, it is 30 days(one month).Just like regular cellphone plan, delivery credits and the lease of the storage space will expire after that time. For example, the monthly elite plan means you can make up to 30 deliveries, and upload up to 7 voice files in your storage per month.

Will my rate change?

As long as your account remains in good standing with us, your rate will never change from the day you sign up until the the next bill circle you unsubscribe. We add new products and features regularly, though, so our prices will increase over time. If you discontinue your service and sign up again later, you may pay a higher rate.

Does my account auto-renew?

Yes. Only when you subscribe a paid plan.

How do I unsubscribe?

There are no long-term contracts or obligations when using Callool. You can cancel your subscription at any time. And we will stop charging your at next billing circle automatically. You can continue to use callool until the end of this circle.We'll keep your data safe for 3-6 months in case you come back.

Does unused delivery credits expire?

Yes.They expire after a month circle, and you will receive new credits in the next circle depends on your plan.